Ray Laws

Bec is the real thing: serious, committed and passionate for equitable social change. Sharp as a tack but a thoroughly engaging individual with a wicked sense of humour.
One to watch.

- Ray Laws, Brand Consultant and Designer

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Guglielmo Briscese

I had the pleasure to work with Bec on a behavioural economics trial we ran together at Good Return. Bec's role was vital to the success of the project, especially when she worked extra hours to fix a number of technical issues with the IT platform. She has excellent project management and communication skills, and a very good understanding of user design experience and behavioural insights. Bec is the employee every manager would like to have on a challenging project.

- Guglielmo Briscese, Senior Advisor, Behavioural Insights Team

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Cale Bain

I've known Bec while acting as the Artistic Director of Improv Theatre Sydney. She first came to us as an improv and I've seen her grow into an amazing comedy performer from being just a plain, excellent, amiable and welcoming person before that. Since then, Bec has also consulted with ITS on marketing and community engagement. She's clever, thoughtful, and was able to communicate with us easily how to implement more effective media management work processes. Bec's great. Use her. Or just be friends, because she's great.

- Cale Bain, Artistic Director Improv Theatre Sydney

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Helena Hurley

Talented writer and high performing team member who always goes above and beyond to deliver the highest quality work it is a privilege working with Bec. Her creativity, intellect, passion for research and learning, and gift for great story-telling make her an exceptional marketing and communications professional.

- Helena Hurley, Client Services Manager 

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Sujinda Hwang-Leslie

I had a pleasure of having the two Becs in my team: Bec the writer, a story teller who can cook up complex raw material and turn it into engaging and easy-to-read content, and Bec the stand-up comedian, an entertainer who is brimming with creative ideas and fresh perspectives. Both Becs are passionate, driven and fearless. At Good Return, Bec wrote about microfinance and poverty and turned it into human interest stories that informed, educated and inspired people. The two-in-one Bec is a valuable asset to any teams that are serious about content marketing.

- Sujinda Hwang-Leslie, Professor at Sheridan College

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