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Ibis: Your City, Our Bins (Sydney Comedy Festival Encore)

When Ibis' father died defending their home as bulldozers moved in to build Sydney Olympic Park, Ibis and Gran had nowhere to go.

Now fully grown and thriving in the urban sprawl of Sydney, Ibis is bravely championing the rights of Ibises and connecting Sydneysiders with the troubled past of the bin chicken* in a one hour workshop that will change the way you see your city.

Join Ibis on a journey inside the hearts and minds of the birds you hate, charting their journey to Sydney and showing there's much more to the ibis than you might think.

Come and meet the bird audiences have called, "inspiring", "so gross" and "surprisingly moving" in the show that will change the way you see your city and the creatures who struggle to call it home, Ibis: Your city, our bins.

*Please don't call them that, they prefer to be called Refuse Egrets.

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Lost Lost Cabaret (appearing as Ibis)

 "Choo Choo Troupe is ... a force for good" - Sydney Arts Guide

Velcomé to the Cab…errr…ét  – as they say! – where the GPS is broken and we U-turn and turn-u around a roundabout until you see the stars. 

The Lost Lost Cab ...errr….et is a stupidly sparkling,  alt-comedy experience. The Mistress of Ceremonies guides you down a madcap boulevard, where wild and jolly idiots try to find the answers to the universe.

You are invited to grab a drink, a snack and a seat - you can ride up front, back seat drive, or there's plenty of room in the boot of our Cab...errr...ét.

The members of Choo Choo Troupe, together with acts from around the alt comedy scene, will take you on a tour to Nowheresville, loop-de-loop and release you, giddy, into the night sky.

The Lost Lost Cabaret is a little sister to London’s The Lost Cabaret.

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Kweens of Comedy

Kweens of Comedy is a brand new, regular night on Sydney's iconic Oxford Street celebrating all types of comedians and all types of comedy.

Not only can you expect great stand-up but, whether it’s clowning, sketch, improv, drag, or any other unique style, this new night is guaranteed to have you laughing like the world isn't doomed!

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What She Said at Newcastle Comedy Festival (MC)

Debuting for the very first time for the Newcastle Comedy Festival is What She Said Comedy

What She Said is a all women comedy night packed with stand up, storytelling, sketch and musical performances from Sydney's best comics. What She Said is not just about displaying the great talent of our performers, it's also about creating a community where people connect with others.

ft an all star lineup of the best female comics at Newcastle Comedy Festival!

Tickets: http://newycomedyfest.com/

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